Clovelly House

Alterations to a seaside bungalow in Sydney's eastern suburbs, in collaboration with Arent&Pyke.

This house is currently under construction.

Clovelly 05.jpg


A single-storey cottage overlooking the ocean receives a new first floor to take advantage of spectacular coastal views. An economical design elegantly tailors simple materials to make a comfortable home for a busy professional couple with two children. A zig-zagged roof on the rear garage recalls the architecture of beachside bathing boxes - a playful nod to the seaside setting of the house.

Clovelly 06.jpg


On a steeply-sloping street, the house is composed of a mixture of materials so that it makes a positive contribution to the busy streetscape. The pitched form of the roof was deliberately chosen to minimise view loss in a prized Sydney location. Beneath the decks are rainwater recycling tanks - part of several ecologically sustainable measures stitched into the fabric of the house.

Cambalong 08.jpg


The continuation of the pitched roof form into the living spaces on the upper floor creates a generously-proportioned series of rooms, addressing the ocean view. A cut-out corner of the balcony serves to frame views south along the coastline, while offering privacy from the block of flats next door.