Pymble House

Renovation of a 1930s house on Sydney's upper north shore, in collaboration with Arent&Pyke.

This house received a commendation at the 2018 Houses Awards.

Cambalong 11.JPG


A much-modified floor plan was refined and opened up to help a gracious 1930s home meet the needs of a family of six. The kitchen was moved to the heart of the floor plan, and a new terrace with big sliding doors was created so that the living spaces, disconnected from the garden, flowed easily into the outside. 

Pymble 02.jpg


Detailing of the new balcony matches the existing house, but is quirkily tailored to reflect the creative personalities of the family. Replacing an unsightly ground floor verandah, the new balcony neatly ties together the original house with a later extension, appearing to have always been there.

Pymble 04.JPG


The visually distinctive forms of the existing house were emulated in the new terrace, taking a simple brief and making sinuous, sculptural, yet practical architecture.