The Ridge

An extensive renovation of a 1930s Bowral villa, in collaboration with Powell and Bonnell.

Construction anticipated to commence soon.

The Ridge 01.jpg

Garden front

One of Bowral’s most prominent homes, ‘The Ridge’ will be sensitively developed to enhance the connections between the interiors and the splendid gardens.

The Ridge 03.jpg

a garden villa

Currently the gracious interior spaces enjoy little or no sense of the landscape setting of the house. A redesign will help ameliorate this, sensitively modernising the house and improving amenity for the people (and hounds) who live there.

The Ridge 02.jpg

Balance and amenity

Currently the house has one beautiful elevation and three haphazard facades. A key design aim was to bring balance to the house, while improving the visual connection between the rooms and the garden. Big steel-framed bi-folding doors are inserted into the east and west elevations, housed in deep black steel reveals. These strikingly modern elements match the strength of the loggia on the garden façade, and establish a loose axial symmetry across the elevations.