Throsby Manor

Elegant guest accommodation in the Southern Highlands - in design development.

Revision B Rear Street view.jpg

Old and new

The project comprises two distinct but complementary parts – the historic former Council Chambers, which will be carefully restored, and a new glass pavilion at the rear. A masonry outdoor fireplace anchors the new structure, creates a place to gather on cool evenings, and nods to the strong vertical elements of the elaborately-articulated Victorian era facade.

Revision B Entrance.jpg


The new wing has been designed as a modestly-proportioned pavilion of sustainable materials, deferential in scale to the historic building, but with similar strength of form and line. A deep, shaded porch and angled wall give the new front door of the building the same clarity and gravitas as the more classically formal doorway facing the street.

Revision B Innards.jpg


An airy common room opens on two sides to beautiful landscaped gardens. Comfortable places to sit and gather around a fire, mingle by a bar, or curl up with a book are all included in a simply-appointed space. The airiness and restraint of the space provides a complementary character to the more ornate architectural character of the historic building.