The Estate

Restoration of an 1880s homestead in rural New South Wales.

Stage 1 works completed 2017. Stage 2 works to commence 2019.

Cambalong 11.JPG


A new roof, new insulation, and new thermally-rated glazing bring the comfort of the historic house up to modern standards. Major structural, waterproofing, and ventilation, rainwater recycling and geothermal heating works were undertaken, to help preserve the fabric of the house and ensure its use for generations to come.

The Estate 09.jpg


Three rooms were connected to create the generously-proportioned kitchen space. A large island forms a practical and efficient workspace. Sociability and the requirements of a young family were designed in to the layout of the room so that it becomes the heart of the homestead.



The bathrooms were designed as modern insertions into gracious old rooms. Luxurious contemporary fittings sit comfortably beside the more ornate detailing of the Victorian-era house.